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Artist statement, 2017

Process :


Jmb Barre's intention is to question painting by working on the notions of: spontaneity, great energy in the act itself, and the sensation of making body with the medium by the use of hands as a tool first.


If in the first epoch of his work of abstraction, the unconscious was called in by working with his eyes closed, his will today is to be carried away by intuition, while following the work in progress as a spectator immediate.

It is the work itself that informs the artist, about what he is - deeply.


The use that he chooses to constrain himself, however, to a protocol, gives a framework that inscribes this research work in a possibility of opening to the series, each time different.


Moving physically, from one art studio to another, by limiting materials such as a palette of a few colors, drawing from each city a particular energy, he writes his work in a tangible continuity, strong and recognizable to a writing Personal and claimed as such. 

Thus, in the last series: "Eyes open", two signs of this language are found: the grid structure, and the circle. Another determining parameter is that the material itself participates actively in the creation in the random of its transformation during the drying.


Apart from any predetermination, the will for freedom is thus constituted by the direct intervention of the artist on the medium, the gesture he gives him, the memory and the lived impression translated in situ, A reduced protocol, and the participation of the material itself - co-author of the project.  

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